Farah AbdulAziz

Layan Abdullah, a young Saudi woman interested in fashion and fashion. Layan's fans love her spontaneity in reliving moments and her different style of documenting her diaries and various interests. Always tends to talk spontaneously with people, and likes to express opinions and share experiences. Lian has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers.

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Areej AlAbdullah

Between the corner of the dream and the craving of hope, there are a tremendous number of aspirations and a single scent, this is what thousands of people who follow this young woman know daily and discover each time that she opens the doors to life on much of what can be known and understood, without doing anything more than talking with people with all that simplicity. Letting them discover more causes of happiness, knowing her closely. One of the most famous young personalities with a rich experience in the field of volunteerism, community contribution and media presence, in parallel with a distinguished march that derived from the horse its inspiring symbolism in life.

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Majid AlHannan

A painter who sees in everything a possible touch of beauty, and his talent does not betray him when he puts that touch. He has many fashion designs, interior decor and artistic pieces, but the most important of all is his personal design to be different. Innovation is the idea synonymous with Majid and his inherent characteristic, for he is a friend of abstaining ease, despite his great popularity that he achieved while living his life only and his innate love among the youth, the discerning, or those looking for distinction .. are the people most likely to meet Majid Al Hanan, and they are the ones who are happy Majed by representing them and delivering their messages to every place, he believes that creativity is a value that does not reach everyone, but when it reaches anyone, it must reach it completely .. to stay with him forever.


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Marwa & mansour

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Abdullah Bojdeh

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