Gucci Bloom For Women – 100 ml


Gucci Bloom For Women – 100 ml


أو دو بارفان نسائي

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This fragrance is one of the most important perfumes designed by the creative director of the famous house of Gucci, Alessandro Michel, which works to attract the spirit of contemporary and diverse women, and the famous Gucci Bloom perfume was produced to appeal to all women by creating a mixture of wonderful tuberose and a group of different flowers With aromatic and pleasant smells that attract attention to you, it is inspired by the scents of a group of different nature flowers that please those who feel their scent.

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The composition of the famous Gucci Bloom perfume
♥ This combination is considered one of the lightest and most beautiful aromatic formulations at all, because it contains a group of different and distinctive smells that are calm and exciting at the same time and attract the admiration of many people and many different tastes, and this combination is made by mixing a group of elements with a beautiful and wonderful smell in ways Certain and then packaged in a safe and sound manner, and the various elements of the formula are represented in the following group of natural elements:

ꕤ At the top of the fragrance we find a mixture of different and distinctive aromas resulting from the combination of the distinctive Indian quaqual plant with a unique group of wonderful and natural flowers that attract all different tastes.

ꕤ In the middle of the perfume or at its heart, we find a wonderful aromatic group that differs from its predecessors, which comes from the use of Indian tuberose and the extract resulting from the scent of the jasmine plant and the scent of other plants.

ꕤ At the base of this fragrance we find the distinctive smell of Indian Rangam, mixed with the scent of different woods and nectar resulting from the use of a group of white flowers and other wonderful floral plants.

This type of fashionable perfume gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation due to the ingredients it contains that made the prevailing smell calm and pleasant, and this is the favorite type of perfume for many and those interested in perfumes and what you add to them to complete their looks

* The size of the perfume is appropriate, it is 100 ml, you can use it for a long period of time and do not need other perfumes.

* This type of perfume can be used in many public and private occasions and evenings at night and in the morning times.

* The exterior design of the perfume bottle is very distinctive, as it is designed in a simple and elegant way and has a soft pink color.

* The fragrance was produced to work on the idea of ​​the product being fixed for the longest possible period.

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